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True Potential Counseling

Hi I'm Andrea Cairella and I can help you create a life and relationship you love.

Are you ready to enhance the quality of your relationship, but feel stuck and unable to get the results you want on your own? Do you desire inner harmony, life satisfaction and greater joy in your life, but don't know how to get there? If so, you have come to the right place.

If you are a couple looking for effective high quality couples counseling, I can assist you and your partner out of the negative communication cycle , so you can rekindle the love and connection in your relationship.  If you are looking for a trauma therapist to help you move through the hurt and pain of past traumatic events in your life, you have come to the right place.  

At True Potential Counseling located in Long Beach, CA you will experience a safe and nurturing environment as you move through the pains of the past and discover your internal resources and full potential.

Using the most highly effective evidence-based approaches (EMDR Therapy and Emotionally Focused Therapy for Couples) you will begin to experience the benefits after only a few sessions.  You will receive a personalized treatment especially tailored to fit you and your needs and high quality care based on trust, respect, understanding and empowerment (T.R.U.E).

I am looking forward to helping you along your journey, so you can start creating a life and relationship you have always dreamed of.

So you have come to the right place if you are...

*  Coping with misunderstandings and communication breakdown in relationship and seeking the guidance of a professional couples counselor to get unstuck so that you can feel physically and emotionally close and connected to your partner again.

*  Dealing with a crisis in your relationship and needing to determine if the relationship can be improved upon or deciding if you and your partner are no longer compatible.

*  Frustrated with challenges of physical intimacy in your relationship and wanting to learn ways to spice up your sex life with your significant other.

*  A trauma survivor feeling triggered and stuck, but wanting to heal and move past the pain of the past with the help of an EMDR therapist.

*  Feeling anxious or depressed and wanting to feel empowered, hopeful, peaceful and content in your heart, mind, body and soul.

*  Experiencing low self-esteem and want to unlock your true potential and feel a deep sense of self-worth and self-love

*  Managing addictive patterns of behavior ineffectively and motivated, willing and ready to getting your life back on track.

"As a couples counselor and PTSD/trauma therapist, I am dedicated to helping my clients achieve their objectives and find greater peace of mind, self-acceptance & joy in their lives. It is my goal to provide a nurturing environment for my clients as they grow & discover their internal strength."

Client Testimonials:

"Andrea has taught me the skills that built the foundation for me to grow in therapy.  Her special talents have helped me in my difficult times to move forward and work through the impossibilities.  I give her a tremendous thanks for being a part of my life and for being the therapist that I needed to grow and be successful.  I will take what she has taught me throughout my life journey." Amy M., Long Beach, CA

"Andrea is amazing.  She has a very calm and comforting presence that helped me feel comfortable to open up.  She has been able to help me come to a profound realization on my own for a problem I have been struggling with my whole life.  It was transformational!" Sierra M., Long Beach, CA

Official Bio: My name is Andrea Cairella MC, L.P.C. and I am a Licensed Professional Counselor specializing in couples counseling, trauma, anxiety, depression and grief and loss.  I received my Masters in Counseling degree (spec. Multiculturalism) from Arizona State University and am accredited by both the National Board of Certified Counselors and the American Counseling Association.  Moreover, I am a Certified Eye-Movement Desensitization & Reprocessing (EMDR) Therapist, EMDR Consultant and trained in Emotionally Focused Therapy for Couples and Families.


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