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Andrea is amazing...

"Andrea is amazing.  She has a very calm and comforting presence that helped me feel comfortable to open up.  She has been able to help me come to a profound realization on my own for a problem I have been struggling with my whole life.  It was transformational!" A.A.S.

I give her tremendous thanks...

"Andrea has taught me the skills that built the foundation for me to grow in therapy.  Her special talents have helped me in my difficult times to move forward and work through the impossibilities.  I give her a tremendous thanks for being a part of my life and for being the therapist that I needed to grow and be successful.  I will take what she has taught me throughout my life journey." H.S.

I want to thank Andrea...

" I feel that I am a stronger, more confident person who has the ability to achieve anything I want to.  I have the confidence and strength to have a relationship and be the mother I have always wanted to be.  I want to thank Andrea for helping me close old wounds and get past my assault because without her I wouldn't be the strong person I am today." J.A.

Andrea has the gift of connecting spiritually...

"Andrea has the gift of connecting spiritually and from the heart.  She leads you with profound questions to discover your inner truth.  She knows when to push, when to cheer and when to let you be." J.R.

It helped a lot...

"I really liked her calm and caring approach during my crisis.  It helped a lot.  Thanks!"


She is sure to make a safe haven for you...

"I was sexually assaulted at 24 years old and coming to Andrea with my myriad of baggage in tow, is one of the most important decisions I chose to make in my healing process.  Throughout my work with her, I've found the understanding and acceptance, trust and insight and the compassion that I needed to surround me during this difficult process.  She is one of the few people whom I trust today and while the journey is not an easy one, I have found her techniques, feedback, skills and overall whole-hearted-compassion for what she is doing, comforting and reassuring.  She is sure to make a safe haven for you to express your pain, hurt, thoughts and desires.  If you're ready to take the steps needed to initiate your journey, take solace in knowing your partnership with Andrea during the healing process is in very competent, open and trustworthy hands.  She will stand in your corner beside you." J.M.

I have always felt supported...

"While Andrea was working with me in my trauma healing skills group and the support group for survivors of sexual abuse and domestic violence, I have always felt supported, safe and whatever I had to say was in total confidence.  It was truly amazing how she would help me through very difficult times by asking just the right questions.  She has an amazing ability of being able to draw me out, so I could find the answer for myself.  I feel that Andrea has helped me set goals, which has helped in my growth as a person.  When I first met Andrea, I would describe myself as broken like a piece of China that had shattered in tiny pieces.  Although I still have lots of work to do, she has been a big part of helping me be a stronger person and setting my life goals.  She is a wonderful counselor and a big reason is because she really listens."  I have definitely benefited by using the techniques she uses as a trauma therapist.  I truly have been blessed to have found her.  Thank you very much." Anonymous

She taught me to breathe again...

"I have learned and listened to Andrea's guidance.  She taught me to breathe again.  Her soothing and calm manner put me right at ease.  I feel I can trust her with all I need to get out.  I will always remember her as a very important mentor in my life.  Thank you once more." K.S.

Andrea heals the buried wound...

"Andrea Cairella is a counselor who has the skills and ability to quickly get to the root of my symptoms and heal the buried deep wound." Y.R.

We were recommended by a friend...

"We were recommended by a friend to see Andrea Cairella for counseling.  My daughter age 7 was having severe emotional problems, partly due to traumas and in part to a chemical imbalance.  Andrea was able to break through those "barriers" that past therapists were unable to do.  Andrea showed my daughter many positive ways to redirect her anger, frustrations and fears so she would be able to redirect herself while in school and everyday life.  In my daughters words she felt "safe" in Andrea's office.  Although the process was painful at first she soon trusted Andrea's techniques thereby breaking through those "high walls" my daughter had so carefully built.  I would recommend Andrea to anyone who wanted to make positive changes in their life." S.D.
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